Change the speed of your ceiling fan with your TV remote

Hum Free

Advanced hum free speed regulation of ceiling fan to assure you quiet environment in your room.

Lock feature

It remains locked when you are using the TV's remote for the TV itself. Just press the preassigned unlock button to resume changing the speed of ceiling fan.

Numerical Speed indicator

So that you know the speed of your ceiling fan by just looking at it.


GoQick Fantrol is compatible with all types and brands of infrared remote controls that exist today. It supports TV, Set-Top box, Music system and all other types of remotes.

Flipping Button

It's possible to change the fan's speed manually as well by just flipping its power button on the switchboard. No worry even if you lose the remote for some time.

Easy Reset

When you wish to change the remote by which you operate the fan, just press the reset button.