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control lights and fans in your room with your TV remote.

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Your TV remote is your new switchboard

GoQick is a very easy to use and install alternative of home automation systems. Control your lights and fans wirelessly with ease. GoQick is hassle free. It requires no smartphone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Internet connection. It doesn’t even have its own remote control hence no hassle of keeping an extra remote or even installing an  app just for switching on a light.

GoQick is very close friend of all the remotes that are already laying around your house that came with your TV, DVD player and other appliances. It understands their language very well.

To turn on a light you just have to point your TV remote and press a button…that’s it.


Simple LED lamp that can be turned on/off or dimmed with your TV remote or any remote of your choice.

Speed regulator for ceiling fans. fits directly on the fan. numerical speed indicator. compatible with most of the ceiling fan brands. change speed of your fan with any remote.


Control any type of tube light or any other thing such as decorative lights with any remote. Just connect it to anything you wish to control with any remote of your choice.

Register now for early bird discounts​

also get a chance to WIN a GoQick for FREE !

Frequently asked questions

How does GoQick work?

When you  start the GoQick for the first time you just have to take a remote by which you wish to control and point it towards GoQick. Now press the buttons by which you wish to control that particular light or fan . GoQick memorizes those buttons. So when you press any of those buttons again GoQick will dim the light or speed up the ceiling fan accordingly.

What happens when i use the TV's remote for the TV itself ? How does GoQick know when to turn on the light/fan and when not to?

GoQick has a “Lock” feature. It remains in locked state (i.e. ignores the signals from remote) most of the time. One of the button on your remote would be assigned to this lock feature. GoQick gets unlocked only when this lock button is pressed. When unlocked you can set the fan speed or dim the light with other buttons and after few seconds GoQick gets back into the Lock state.

Why GoQick is better than Wi-Fi & Bluetooth based switches or other remote switches?

Because GoQick is “QICK”. To switch on a light, would you prefer taking out your phone, opening an app, waiting for it to pair with your Bluetooth lamp and then press a button or would you prefer just picking up a remote and pressing a button?  and would you want one more remote in your house just to turn on the light? are you ready to bear the hassle of keeping it handy? changing its batteries? or would you prefer to use the one remote that you always keep handy, the remote of your TV ?

How easy it is to install GoQick?

GoQick is designed to be installed externally. you won’t even have to open the switchboard to install GoQick.

Register now for early bird discounts​

also get a chance to WIN a GoQick for FREE !